Talk: Creative Technology Week


Creative Technology Week 2018: "Humanizing Artificial Intelligence"

Creative Technology Week is an international festival that brings together some of the best designers, developers, artists, and technologists from different parts of the world to represent the field of creative technology. I was honored to be invited to speak at CTW 2018 about my experiences in "Humanizing A.I." from my Watson Photobooth Project.

We live in a world where A.I. is in every major app and digital service that we use, yet many people don't fully understand the implications that A.I. brings into their daily lives. In my talk, I speak on some insights found from some of the thousands of people who experienced the Watson Photobooth project. This project allowed people to have a conversation with an IBM Watson, an A.I., and even though this was a purely artistic project it opened up some fascinating questions about how we are accepting AI into our lives.

In my talk I touch on some of these points, the take aways of the photobooth project, and some possible directions A.I. may be heading in the near future.