Death To Cupid


Death to Cupid

Death to Cupid is a web based third person shooter that challenges Valentine’s Day by putting Feb 14th’s mascot in the crosshairs. Concocted by online women’s magazine DamnJoan, I was brought on board to bring their vision to life.

In Death to Cupid you run around an Pantheon inspire temple, killing as many cupids as possible in 60 seconds. You’ll choose a weapon, then use the arrow keys to navigate through the game. When you see a target, hit the space bar to fire. You can play the game here.

Death to Cupid was build in javascript using the ImpactJS game engine. The game also integrated twitter cards, allowing players to share their favorite cupid.

Art and animation were done by the amazing Will Herring and background tiles were made by the wonderful Sam Strick. Original concept and the game are property of DamnJoan.

A few of the Cupids…