IBM Cognitive Dress


The Cognitive Dress

For NYC Fashion Week 2016, IBM teamed up with the Design house Marchesa to deliver a unique experience by merging artificial intelligence and wearable technology. Design house Marchesa collaborated with IBM and Ogilvy to create the world's first Cognitive Dress that debuted on the red carpet.


The result of the team up was the Cognitive Dress. The Cognitive Dress is a dress that premiered at the 2016 Met Gala. The theme of the event was Manus x Machina: Man and Machine in the Age of Fashion. 


What made the Cognitive Dress special was that we used IBM Watson technology to turn the dress into a smart dress. The dress was lined with seven strands of full spectrum LED's, all connected to a smart controller.


What this allowed us to do, was to create a dress that was able to connect to the internet. We then used the Watson API to analyze social sentiment about the dress over twitter and while the dress was appearing on the red carpet of fashion week, the lights on the dress were actually able to represent the how people felt about the dress.


The dress also made an appearance at World Mobile Congress in 2017 where I created a NodeJS web application that allowed people to link their twitter account to the dress for the span of 60 seconds for the dress to represent the social sentiment of their twitter account.

World Mobile Congress Dress App


Cognitive Dress at World Mobile Congress