Ikea Experience


The IKEA Experience

The IKEA Experience was an interactive photobooth for which I built the backend. The event was held in NYC and Chicago. Inspired by the very first IKEA ever, Ogilvy built a photobooth experience to encapsulate the timelessness and evolution of the home goods brand through time. This application was built in C++ using OpenFrameworks with a NodeJS backend.


How it works…

Stepping into the booth, participants were greeted by the application and prompted to sit in the bright yellow Stransmon armchair. By using the objects around them (phone, button, and lamp string) they were able to advance through the application.


At the end of the experience they would pull the lamp string to cycle through icons that represented IKEA through the decades. When ready, they could capture their picture with the icon designs of their choosing.


Once they took a picture, participants were able to enter their phone number into the application and be sent the picture from our backend.

My Contribution…

The frontend and the interactivity of the application was written by my fellow senior creative technologist Dofl Yun. My role was to write the backend and the piece of the C++ frontend that speaks to the backend.

The backend needed to be able to store images to a repository and then send those images via SMS. I decided that NodeJS could handle the job efficiently. Using NodeJS I wrote a server that would send Base64 image data from the C++ frontend to Amazon S3. Once stored on S3, the server would send the image url to Twilio which would deliver to the image to the participants phone. Below is a flow of this process.