Lemonade Rage



Lemonade Rage

The 8-bit Beyonce Video Game

When Beyonce got snubbed on album of the year at the 2017 Grammy’s, my friends and I decided to give her furious fans something to channel all that pent-up anger into. Introducing...Lemonade Rage, an 8-bit video game inspired by her music video Hold Up, set to an 8-bit version of the award-winning song.

The game was once live at lemonade-rage.com (more on that later)


The Game:

Play as Bey and earn back her stolen lemons by smashing objects. But avoid the haters, bullshit, and illuminati conspiracists or Bey will lose her temper (game over!) See if you can collect enough lemons to make a pitcher of lemonade to quench Bey's thirst (and rage).

Tech Details

Lemonade Rage is a HTML5 game that was playable in desktop and mobile.

Unfortunately, Bey's legal team didn't like it too much...


While Lemonade Rage was a non-profit passion project, the game was prematurely shut down after we were issued a cease and desist by Bey’s legal team. Our team was sad when we had to take it down, but was a good run while it lasted!

With Bey there's always buzz — the Internet loved it.

During the two weeks the game was active, we saw over 600,000 players on the site, and the game gained over 1.5 million media impressions via press and social media. Thousands of fans made countless gallons of lemonade, and shared their scores to the world. They seem to have enjoyed it. A lot.

Lemonade Rage was featured on BuzzfeedRefinery 29Pop SugarPigeons & PlanesFact MagHotNewHipHopFast Co CreateMicEngadgetEntertainment WeeklyHypeBaeHypeBeastGQ Taiwan and much more.